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Discussion Questions

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Week One Discussion Questions

• Based on the Sallet and Weber (2008) article, explain a broadband value circle and its advantages for organizations.

• Based on the Tadelis (2007) article, what is backsourcing and when is it used?

Week Two Discussion Questions

• According to the Fontana (2008) article, what are some of the business challenges facing Microsoft? List three ways they might overcome the challenges.

• Based on the Boomer (2007) article, what are the primary skills required by IT professionals today?

Week Three Discussion Questions

• Based on the Sussman (2008) article, how is capital constraint defined? What is the formula an organization can use to identify their capital constraint, and how does it impact their ability to plan for capital improvements?

• Based on the Gomes (2007) article, what are the advantages of online vs. offline software packages?

Week Four Discussion Questions

• Based on the Burns (2007) article, list three reasons why effective financial reporting is important in a business.

• Based on the O'Sullivan (2007) article, describe a rolling forecast. Why are companies moving in that direction?

Week Five Discussion Questions

• Based on the article from the Bloomsbury Business Library (2007), why is this ratio important and how is it calculated?

• Based on the Leichter (2007) article, what is a financial ratio and how are they used? List two ratios and explain how


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