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Big Data Implementation

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Group Project – Outline – IT Transformation and Big Data Analytics

Introduction - Amir

- Discuss the top strategic technology trends for 2016

- Digital business demands continuous technology innovation

- Drivers of IT business transformation

- Buzz Around Big Data, Analytics and Data Visualization

- CEO Advisory: 'Big Data' Equals Big Opportunity

“Big Data” 101: All about the basics of big data, analytics and data visualization – Amir

- Background on Big Data and the shift/drive to big data

- The Importance of 'Big Data': A Definition

- Big Data All Hype or Is There Any Substance?

- Understanding the basics of big data, analytics, data visualization

 Big data Strategy - Keith

- Data and Analytics Leadership Vision for 2017

- Building a big data strategy

- IT leadership, roles, responsibilities

- Big data adoption

- Big data strategy components: IT essentials

- Big Data Strategy Components: Business Essentials

Big Data Challenges - Keith

- Background

- Top challenges

- Potential solutions

- What is the industry doing to address?

- How do challenges affect the business?

- Big Data Challenges for the IT Infrastructure Team

All about the industry and big data adoption - Ajmal

- Role of analytics

- Bridging the gap for big data adoption

- What Are Others in My Industry Achieving With Big Data?

- Where Is the Value of Big Data Projects?

- What are the strategic trends in the industry?

- Strategic Planning

Organizing for Big Data Through Better Process and Governance - Cayla

- Background

- How to on organization and adoption for an organization?

- Steps for an organization to take


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