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7w7: Finda Kusuma Putri

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7W7: Finda Kusuma Putri


        “Violent video games may have even stronger effects on children's aggression because the games are highly engaging and interactive, the games reward violent behavior, and because children repeat these behaviors over and over as they play.” (Gentile & Anderson, 2003). Nowadays, violence is part of all mass media. We can see in TV, Internet, movies and the video games that people play. In our daily lives, all mass media shows up violence per hour, which indicate that people in the world has witnessed around violent acts. Video games are more popular form of entertainment than movies. In fact, it is clear that violence can cause a bad impact for our live, especially on children who watched many hours of violence on television had more aggressive behavior as teenagers. Researchers believe that not all violent video games were cause violent, sometimes playing video games are allow the payers to release their stress and anger. However, video games involve a great deal of repetition. If the games are violent, than the effect is a behavioral rehearsal for violent activity. Therefore, playing violent video games are often blamed to act violently in the terms of parental guidance and the interactive the role of players.

        Parental guidance has an important role to play. The reason is because without the parental guidance the teenagers can lose their control because they did not know what is a game that suitable for them and also make them forget about the time. “When parents limit the amount of time as well as the types of games their children play, children are less likely to show aggressive behaviors.” (Anderson, 2014). Violent video games can cause act violently if the parents did not limited their children to decide what is the games that suitable for them. Imagine if the children under 3 years are playing video games that have showed the bad attitude like punching, kicking, killing and so on. It may become serious issue because playing those video games really does make people feel, think, adapt and behave more aggressively such as bullying and school shooting. Parents can protect their children from potential harm videos games like play video games with their children to better understand the content and they can set limits of the amount of time teenagers can play these games. However, some people think that parental guidance is not the most important thing in playing violent video games, because the teenagers are expected to know the games based on their age. For instance, if the teenagers are over 18 years they already mature enough to play anything including the violent video games because they know how to control their mind to not act violently. Although, some people believed that parental guidance is the main factors, which indicate that parental guidance can lead to right decisions in order to choose playing video games. So, if their parents are guide them, the children can know how to act properly and know what is the best game for them based on the stage of the age.


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