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The Problem and Its Setting - Population Issue

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The Problem and Its Setting


Nowadays, The Earth faces several environmental problems. One of these problems is pollution and the continuous increasing of population of people.

One solution to this problem is to recycle the solid waste for personal use or to make a livelihood out of this to make money to supply their needs. In short, you can make money out of garbage. Recycling helps to solve this problem by reducing wastes and also it aids in economic problem.

Styrofoam is one of these wastes. It is always use for packaging material especially to the product of the modern technology such as DVD and VCD components, washing machine, printer, etc, but it is dangerous to health and environment when it is burn. Production of these materials cannot stop because in the present day, high technology is continually developing and it is very helpful to us in everyday of our life.

Recycling Styrofoam is very rare. It's not easy to make a useful thing out of this. Researcher found a way to recycle this by mixing it to the components of bricks. By this process, it will produce a stronger and cheaper brick so this will help to reduce the waste produce by Styrofoam.

Background of the Study

Philippines, as well as the rest of the world have a huge problem such as lack of discipline, lack of education, and the continuous increasing of population. Some houses

in the Philippines have also a problem about their structural system.

The researcher chose this study because this will help to lessen the pollution by recycling the Styrofoam instead of throwing it anywhere and by this, it will create a stronger bricks than the bricks made by the Spaniards who built some of our churches that is still standing until now.

I myself know this because the structure of the building of my house that was built before the World War II is currently form, and it is very rigid compared to the houses or church that is built by bricks. We need the use of the bricks to facilitate the system of our house, thus continuing to subdue the resources in our house.

Statement of the Problem

Main Problem:

Can Styrofoam become a brick?

Specific Questions:

1.) How many Styrofoam is needed in order to produce one brick?

2.) How many atoms of Styrofoam will react with another object to produce a brick?

Theoretical Framework

The researcher will make an artificial by replacing the four compounds of the original bricks: The zinc, iron


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