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Shutter Island Film Reaction Paper

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Film Reaction Paper

        This film called Shutter Island, it tells a story happened in 1954; Officer Teddy and his friend Chuck were sent to investigate the whereabouts of a missing woman perpetrator from a mental hospital. Mental hospital is located on the island called Shutter Island; it is mainly admitted to those criminals who have mental illness. But under the calm exterior, seems to hide many secrets.

        I think disorder was accurately portrayed in film. For example, Teddy always has a flush memory in his head about the Germen officer, he was very like Teddy himself, he wore the same ring, listened the same music, they both regret did not protect their wife and children. But actually, the Germen officer is just the own mapping of Teddy. Teddy mapping himself as the Germen officer, this is the reflection of his remorse and atonement psychology. Also, when Teddy said he will stop investigate; he had a dream about his wife. In the dream, at first his wife told him do not stop investigate, then also told him has to leave and let her go. Such a contradictory argument, it is actually a kind of struggle of Teddy’s split personality.

        Finally, Teddy woke up from his illusion, knew his really name is Andrew Laeddis; he burned his house and killed his wife and children. He chose to do the surgery lobotomy. Lobotomy (also known as a Prefrontal Lobotomy) is a procedure that was once used to reduce uncontrollably violent or emotional people. (Lobotomy) It is also the Psychosurgery in the world.

        After watching this film, at first I felt a little scared. But when I saw it again, I felt pity for Teddy, he worked so hard to solve the case, but it was all his illusion, he is the patient No.67; he killed his families by himself, when he woke up, he decided to be a person without memory, he think being a fool is better than carrying the memory that he is a monster. This film is so depressed.  


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