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Factor That Makes Student Use Private Car Than Campus Bus

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1. Background of Study

Indonesia is one of developing countries that very concerned on education. Previous years ago, exactly in 1990’s Indonesia is the most popular place for taking education. Many students from Southeast Asia come to Indonesia for studying. Especially student from, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, they choose Indonesia because at that decade, Indonesia had good facilities, including qualified lecture, convenience campus, and accessible transportation. Which make study at Indonesia more comfortable than other place at that time?

Relationship between transportation and campus now very related. Because recently most of campus in Indonesia located in suburban area, not in the central city, it makes transportation have important role. Smoothness of trip is very depending on transportation, in this case transportation including campus bus, and road to campus.

In Indonesia, University of Indonesia (UI), is one of good example of campus bus. They provide 20 buses for student at Depok. The bus is convenience enough. Have many seats. It makes student prefer bus, because it cheap, and as comfortable as riding private vehicle to reach the campus.

In contradictive with Sriwijaya University, this campus has almost 45 buses. But most of the bus is very old, and not eligible to ride. It makes condition in the bus not convenience. The bus also taking people outside student, it just likes public bus, not a campus bus. Moreover when rain falling down, most of the bus has bad roof. So the water fall trough sidelines. Make student wet when arrived to campus. Very different with lecture and employee bus, which most of the bus is brand new and very comfortable because has Air Conditioner on it.

Some of students in Sriwijaya University use their own vehicle to go to campus than use vehicle that provide by campus.

We conclude the factors that influence student to use their own vehicle are:

 Safety

 Convenience

 Parents Interfere

 Campus Schedule

 Cost

 Bus Schedule

 Time


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