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Ribena Winter Spice Campaign

I am not a big fan of liquid soft drinks but here is 1 campaign which really pushed a non -user like me become a fan. They say marketing / branding is about right place and right time. So, it was when I saw a mulled wine like store in the Christmas markets of my area.

As I approach I find out that this isn’t wine but Ribena served warm. I was immediately attracted to try this one because it was :

  1. Right product:  No better time to launch a warm drink than chilly Christmas times. The weather is cold and people are out on the streets craving for hot drinks. Thus, simply creating the product for me is a winner

  1. Right Time: Christmas and evenings. No better time to put that stall up
  1. Right place: Stall placed strategically in city centre right next to Tesco and Sainsbury to enable cross sales. Also, no selling of products o the counter to get partner support from Sainsbury and Tesco to run the campaign.

Apart from this, the campaign won my heart because it wasn’t meant to sell. When I asked if I can buy it here they denied and asked me to explore online for better offers and tastes. This implied the trust the brand had in their taste that the call to action would stay beyond this incident and were confident of my online purchase.

They drove me to the online channel by QR code and discounts on Ribena. I was introduced to a whole new world of Ribena limited edition along with various buying options online.

The campaign was great for it combined the offline and online channels and had consistent branding across promoting this limited edition wintery drink.


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