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5 Core Competencies

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Continuous learning

Having a continuous learning mindset is important, as it prepares students of the future for jobs that do not exist yet. With the competitiveness of the rapidly evolving marketplace and the continuous development of new technology’s in the world, employers are now more than ever willing to invest in employees who are conscientious about keeping current.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation is an important competency to possess for the student of the future, because employers seek out potential employees who possess strong creativity and innovation. It is these individuals that give company’s different perspectives, explore ways to do things better or differently and develop ideas that allows the company to grow and exploit opportunities.


Possessing initiative is an essential core competency to possess because it shows that you can step in when needed and proactively take action. Accordingly, showing initiative will help you stand out from others and have employers see you as an asset. Using your initiative in the workplace can help you prevent obstacles and make improvements, which is something employers search for in potential employees.

Relationship management

Relationship management is the ability to develop and maintain business relationships in order to manage projects or identify new business opportunities. This is an important core competency to possess because by having strong relationships management it shows you have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to conduct business, which will in turn generate revenue.

Teamwork and collaboration

Having the ability to work as a part of a team and collaborate effectively is vital to any organization. Teamwork is often used in company’s in order to generate new ideas, share the workload, as well as to increase performance and efficiency. Therefore a successful student of the future will understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration, since teams can accomplish more tasks, than individuals can by taking them on alone.

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