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There are racism and discrimination issues all over the world. One of the people which seems to be most offended are the Muslim. Some innocent Muslim are look toward as a terrorist and violence. There are millions and millions of people who are into Islam religious and they are just people like us, who loves peace. Somehow, it is just a group of people who tends to be different. They seems to believe in something else. This essay will be talking about the movie Yasmin, a low budget, British-financed and made film about a young, attractive, British Pakistani Muslim woman brought up in the northern England. Then they story develop into the way where racism takes place. The essay will be analysing types of acculturation, cross-cultural problems, and how the Muslim is liking to be in the future when they face the situation where people around the world view them in the different way.

The film opens with one of the key signifiers of Islam, the mosque, in the United Kingdom. We can see Islamic traditions such as the removal of shoes and the traditional prayer mats which fill the screen. There is an Islamic prayer which who have live near the mosque will be quite familiar with the sound. However, other Islamic religious practice does not feature heavy in the film; instead we are presented with signifiers that we may associate with the religion such as dresses.

Yasmin, the main character, could be seen as stereotypical in the way it represents young Asian women as not having much freedom given to young males. Both Yasmin and Nasir, her brother, struggle to please their father and his traditional values while living the westernised lifestyle in the only society they know. It seems like the younger generation are likely to adapt more easily to the new community. They are more willing to accept the new culture they are living in. Yasmin could be seen as representatives of many teenagers, who want to keep their parent happy, but often keep things from them to make this possible. Yasmin is a woman who lives a double life. In her home, she wears the traditional Muslim dress, including a hijab. She cooks for her family, and unwilling attends to her husband, Faisal, an illegal Pakistani immigrant, whom she detest. However, once she leaves home in her red cabrio Volkswagen, she pulls up the side of a country rode and changes into jeans and a t-shirt. She changes her attitudes toward the society.

Her younger brother, Nasir, is a drug dealer, rude boy, who is not particularly religious like her sister. Despite his hymning of the Quran, a book of god, during the prayers. Younger ones seems to be more flexible than the older generation. Yasmin and Nasir could be said to be unhappy focusing just only on religious. What they are doing tend to be the best way for them to please their father and also themselves. Nasir is absorbing new culture into him, like other male teen, using drug and selling them for money to buy things.


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