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Immigration to North America

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As we have discussed in class, the film concentrated on immigration to North America and the struggles that come with emigrating from your own country. This movie teaches the viewers the great effort it takes to stay strong and grow in a different culture and nation. We certainly talked about our own experiences in class and this film powerfully pushes a message to the viewer showing how each can relate or comprehend to the situation. Many times a person in such situations tends to give up because the individual does not feel welcome or satisfied; this particular story inspires and proves that a home can be any place you make it a home. As I was watching Amreeka (America in Arabic) directed by Cherien Dabis I was hoping that it would be an honest, emotional and funny film; in one of the scenes, Muna explains to Mr Novatski that the Arabs discovered chess and in another delightful scene, Muna treats her colleagues to the enjoyments of a falafel burger. Hope is the stimulant that kept the protagonist on keep holding and staying strong. Although a lot of things were not as true as the director has shown throughout the movie when he demonstrated the harassment of Israeli soldiers with the family. The movie contributed a lot to understanding the emotions and the disappointments from a completely different point of view. We talked about how immigrating to Canada has changed and affected us all; in this film we see how a lot of racism occurs in high school and Fadi’s story lets the viewer think about this issue and causes to change our opinion regarding criticism. In these kind of film the writer and the director wants the viewer to think also for themselves and to be able to understand that these particular things are complicated and difficult, even for children. The director presents a problem and allows the watcher to think for the character as if they were the ones facing the problem; this allows the observer to feel for the characters and recognize the dilemma. This


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