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"two Faces of Apple" Case

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“Two Faces Of Apple” is an article written by S. Prakash Sethi that discusses both the good and (mainly) bad business aspects of Apple Inc., one of the biggest multi-billion dollar, technologically innovative, and respected corporate names in the world today.

S. Prakash Sethi takes the approach of prosecutor and explains to his readers why, even though Apple is so vastly popular, it is no better than the rest in terms of its use of human resources in lower end labour markets.

S. Prakash Sethi is the University Distinguished Professor at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York and is President of the International Center for Corporate Accountability. He is also Forrest Mars, Sr. Visiting Professor of ethics, politics, and economics at Yale University. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and other publications. (Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, 2012)

Sethi used suitable methods to gather his supporting evidence citing sources such as Macworld, The New York Times, and Reuters that published articles relating to the purpose of his article “Two Faces of Apple”. The contents of the sources he used contained information that looked mainly at the working conditions of Apple’s production plants. It is hard to say if all evidence is completely accurate because his sources are taken from articles that used third party sources. It is likely that the information is reliable because he cited sources with reputable names like Macworld and The New York Times. However, it should be noted that even reputable organizations can and will make mistakes including but not limited to the publication or non-publication of accurate facts.

Upon completion of reviewing the article, I believe that the reader will have been led to the same conclusion as Mr. Sethi. While the author says that he thinks “Apple’s


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