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A. Write a brief About Zyoin.

Zyoin was founded by Mr. Anuj Agrawal, in the year 2005 with an aim to provide turnkey solution to the customers to overcome their hiring challenges. The Company is based in Bangalore and is promoted by the Alumni of IIT and NIT. Zyoin provides offerings based on the requirement of the customers like full term employees, Contractual Employee, RPO, Online Candidate assessment, Background verification, etc. It charges its customers on Industry standard Success fee model and keeps its cost to the minimal.

Zyoin is the preferred vendor for many Fortune 500 companies and many more start ups in India. It follows a very exhaustive recruitment methodology which includes talent identification, Screening of the candidates, Coordination for Interviews, Evaluation, and tracks the candidate till his joining. It has a very transparent process due to its web based tracking methodology. It maintains an internal database of over 50000 Candidates. It works very closely with its clients and keeps the minute details about their requirements. Zyoin is the most socially engaged (As per LinkedIn) and the best staffing agency in India.

Its top clients are: Aveksa, Yodlee, Sony,, and Talentica.

B. Name ten recruitment service providers in the Startup Space within India.

Apart from Zyoin, there are other recruitment services providers which include the following:

Company name Founders Founded Location

GrownOut Solutions Sumit Gupta, Harsimran Walia 2013 Gurgaon

Talentpad Mayank Jain, Nikhil Vij, Raghav Jain 2014 New Delhi

MyRefers Lalit Bhagia 2014 New Delhi

Talview Sanjoe Jose, Subramnian K 2013 Bangalore

HackerEarth Sachin Gupta, Vivek Prakash 2012 Bangalore

Venturesity Prashant Koirala, Subhendu Panigrahi 2013 Bangalore

HiringMonk Preetam Salian 2013 Mumbai

Jobspire Kartik, Mohak, Sandesh, Varun 2014 Bangalore

The HR Fund Varun Talwar 2011 New Delhi

Archsys Bharat Bagal 2011 Pune

C. Write a brief about Executive Search services in India.

Executive Search service is a recruitment service where a firm takes help from a consultant to hire highly qualified candidates for executive and senior level jobs in the firm. Most of the firms in India which especially provide the Executive search services in India are foreign companies. Few Companies who have been in the recruitment


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