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Types of Training for Public Services Unit 6

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Steady State training

Training at a steady pace over a long distance

Suited for runners and swimmers

Interval training

Have rest/recovery periods

Train harder than steady state

Fartlek training

Based on running outdoors

Varies intensity of work

Intensity changes with terrain

No rest period as you can adapt the intensity at any given time

Muscular Strength

One repetition at maximum

Muscular Endurance


Circuit Training

Good for aerobic, muscular and strength

Under a time limit

Fixed resistance machines

Hold weights in position and offer good support

Free Weights

They have a constant resistance, not advisable for beginners


Series of explosive movement to improve muscular power

Sprinters for 100m, shot-put

Flexibility Training

Important for all sports and for health

Static stretches – Stand in one place and stretch a muscle

Ballistic – Ballistic stretching attempts to force the joints of the body beyond their normal ROM by using momentum. A ballistic movement


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