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In a short paragraph (50 to 100 words), why you think doing summer PA in Year 2 has helped you in clinching your current internship at Goldman?

What do you think are the merits of doing PA in Year 2?

How it will help you in final year career search also? What specifically did you learn that will help you? Do you think if doing your official PA in Year 3 will be too late?

I embarked on a summer PA in Year 2 at British American Tobacco as a finance intern, and this 10 week attachment allowed me to experience life working in a commercial company. As I interact with people from all walks of life, the numerous life skills I have learnt from my colleagues have indeed prep-ed me greatly for future challenges ahead.

Doing a PA in Year 2 allows you a headstart in developing yourself and grooming yourself to be a better-rounded individual who appeals to future employers. I believe that the experience gained along with these internships teach you many lessons outside the textbook, and also gives you a better sense of the corporate world. Specifically, these experiences taught me the importance of humility and cooperation in a team-based environment.

Looking back, I am thankful for the opportunity to intern in Year 2. My internship experiences have also enabled me to make a clearer decision on my future career preferences.

Seek opportunities that come your way, and you will never regret the chance for self discovery.

Bryan Tee Chin Siang

Nanyang Business School


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