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Hcs335 Ethical Decisions

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Ethical Decisions

The purpose of Part 1 is to expose you to common keywords and definitions used in the health care industry regarding ethics. Part 1 prepares you to respond to Part 2, therefore it is important to complete Part 1 prior to Part 2. In Part 2, you will discuss your experiences with ethics, including your ethical values, ethical theories, and an ethical decision you have had to make. It is important to remember that as you share your ethical experiences with your faculty that you do not discuss information and details regarding a company or individual by name that are not public information.

Part 1

Complete the Health Care Ethics Matching Exercise.

In section one, review the flashcards that provide the commonly used keywords and definitions in health care ethics.

In section two, match the keywords located at the bottom of the page to the definitions provided. If a word will not link to a definition, it means you have selected the wrong keyword for the definition.

Click the Print Screen button at the end of the exercise.

Save your answer sheet to your computer desktop. You will want to refer back to these keywords and definitions as you progress in this class.

Part 2

Complete the Ethical Decisions matrix. Respond to each section of the matrix using 100 to 150 words.

Requirement Description Impact

Describe an event in which you made an individual ethical decision. For example i made an individual ethical decision is when i was at work and i was super tired because i worked a double shift and really didn't want to be at the store anymore , i completed on locking up the store and going home into my shift was over while on the clock so i could still getting t paid , even though i knew this was so very dishonesty and unethical. i still thought about but instead i decided to stay until my shift was over until the next person came in to re leave me because that was the honorable thing to do in this situation. The impact of this decision was all positive for me. the decision was positive for me because it help me proclaim myself values for honesty and to stand by my principles. more so i learned my compatibility to doing the right thing no matter how much the wrong seem much easier and better. its always better to do the right thing and sticking too being honest and trust worthy.

Describe your ethical values. 1. discipline: means keeping myself in line and making sure i am being mannerable and sticking to the conduct of behavior.

2. honesty: refers to me always


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