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Finance Case

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5.1 These phrases have a softer tone:

a. We understand that

b. We do not

c. You overlooked, you did not

d. Where you tell us

e. Please accept our apologies

f. You did not enclose

g. Please send us

h. Payment was not made according to our terms

i. We have not yet received an answer

j. We do not understand

5.2 These revisions reflect the reader's viewpoint:

a. To expedite your order, please use the order form on our website.

b. So that you can be served quickly, please bring your credit card to the store with you.

c. For the next week, you can receive a 25 percent discount on all our 15" LCD monitors.

d. Do you need a bright, capable person to handle the bookkeeping in your office? If so, please consider me for the job. I recently earned a business degree with honors from Mira Costa College and am eager to put my skills to work for you.

e. Here is the $25 refund you requested.

f. If you'd like to demonstrate your commitment to doing a good job, learn how to use the machinery.

g. Your strategy presentation this morning reinforced my belief that you are the correct person to be running our company.

h. Due to an upgrade in accounts payable that will benefit all users in the future, all payments have been delayed.

i. You will receive the asset valuation report once I am feeling better.

j. The expanded online news sources enable you to stay up to date on the latest information and will make sure that you will be the one to tell others about breaking news, such as the MyTravel and Thomas Cook merger talks.

5.3 These revisions have a more positive slant:

a. So that your credit rating can be preserved, please remit your payment within 10 days.

b. We make refunds on merchandise that is returned in like-new condition.

c. We will ship your Baby Cry doll in ten days.

d. Please indicate the blouse color you prefer on the enclosed order form and return it to us so that we can get your order in the mail.

e. The damage to your waterbed was caused by unusual conditions that are not covered


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