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Chinese Culture Paper

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In the ancient Chinese culture, the connection with nature and with the universe was very valued and allowed for people to stay on-task and keep up with their daily duties without falling behind. Many times, a man would be given a good plot in life with bountiful land and a loyal wife. However, once that man worked hard and became wealthy, he would spend all of his wealth on things to improve his appearance, drugs, concubines, etc. A man is to be focused and in-tune with nature to be successful. Acupuncture represents the bond with nature and the balance of life due to the use of herbal medicine to open the meridians and help one maintain balance with nature.

"Acupuncture's main use is entreating chronic and painful conditions" (Acupuncture: History and Theory). Herbal medicine is believed to help clear the mind and help energy to flow smoothly through the body at all times to ensure balance. The Chinese hypothesized that energy circulates in the body through channels called meridians. In order to stimulate these meridians and bring about balance within the body, the Chinese used extremely thin needles and they insert them at strategic points in your body. This is believed to balance the flow of energy, otherwise known as one's chi. The herbal medicine is used to maintain this balance after the flow of energy is thrown off over a period of time. In The Good Earth, Wang Lung was the most focused when he was in-tune with nature. He was successful and happy with his wife, children, and his land. However, when he became very wealthy, he became very intrigued with his own looks, as well as becoming interested in Lotus. Once this happened, he completely neglected his land, and everything he had worked for was put to waste. He also stopped following his core values of being a loyal husband, and made Lotus his concubine. This shows that whenever one is not in-tune and in balance with nature, they lose focus and begin to have a difficult time


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