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  • Venture Smith's Account of Slavery

    Venture Smith's Account of Slavery

    Venture Smith had remembered about his childhood, who were his parents and how he had been captured. He had remembered that his father was a prince and he was practicing polygamy which was prevalent among African nations. He had the memory of his father’s wives and his mother was the

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    Submitted: August 5, 2014 Autor: kapcsm
  • Videotape Format Wars: How Betamax Really Lost to Vhs

    Videotape Format Wars: How Betamax Really Lost to Vhs

    Videotape Format Wars: How Betamax Really Lost To VHS In February, 1975 the home video standard was set when Sony’s Betamax was introduced into the market. A year and a half later JVC’s VHS hit the market, making their product incompatible with the Betamax format, thus sparking the war for

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    Submitted: February 29, 2016 Autor: myls
  • Viking Spears, Axes and Swords

    Viking Spears, Axes and Swords

    Viking Spear, Axes, and Swords The Viking Age was a time of many battles and raids, where weaponry was an integral part of society. Even non-warrior Vikings were encouraged and expected to have at least a spear to protect themselves from any potential attacks. The use of weapons was extremely

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    Submitted: February 18, 2016 Autor: weston619
  • Vikings in Modern Culture

    Vikings in Modern Culture

    The Viking Age is said to have ended circa 1066 AD, however many themes and influences are clearly visible in a variety of cultures throughout the 21st century. After completing The Vikings course here at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I have come to realize many Viking impacts that are

    Essay Length: 570 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: August 18, 2014 Autor: goya4lyfe
  • Violent Rebellion

    Violent Rebellion

    Thesis statement: Violent rebellion was the most extreme method adopted by enslaved men and women to resist slavery, there are however, less extreme measures, which have also aided vitally, and contributed to the dismantling of the slave system. Introduction. The white plantation owners subjected the enslaved men and women to

    Essay Length: 3,415 Words / 14 Pages
    Submitted: January 12, 2013 Autor: skylar51
  • Visual Analysis of Lamassu

    Visual Analysis of Lamassu

    Man Sihuang (Phoenix) Man Anthony Viti AHI-1010-B Survey of World Art I Visual Analysis 21st Oct. 2015 Visual Analysis of Lamassu On week five, our whole class had a wonderful filed trip to the most famous museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is one of the world's largest and finest

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    Submitted: November 19, 2015 Autor: phoenixm
  • Volcanos


    Anthony Kiely 07/12/17 For a specific project of river restoration that you have studied, evaluate its outcomes (9) The cheonggeyechon restoration project in Seoul, South Korea was carried out the 20th century and through to the early 21st century. The reason for the project was too get rid of safety

    Essay Length: 617 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 22, 2017 Autor: ant_kiely
  • Walt Disney Case Study

    Walt Disney Case Study

    Statement of the Problem Patrons complained about the paucity of the activities for small children. After the 911 bomb attacks in the United States , the attendance of all tourists destination in America was gradually decreased including Disney's two theme parks. Euro Disney was built in 1992. Located outside Paris,

    Essay Length: 352 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: simba
  • War Lecture Response

    War Lecture Response

    In the first class, the discussion in which we defined war to be the violent declaration of conflict between two actors (state/non-state) made me think perhaps for the first time about the odd concept of what I consider to be acts of war or terrorism. Professor Cavarero’s lecture brought to

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    Submitted: September 10, 2015 Autor: ailow
  • War Media

    War Media

    War Media 4/12/17 War. What is it to you? Many people have many different positions on this subject. A good amount of the people making their decision on how they feel about war is based off of the media. There are online articles, photographs, movies, books, and many other types

    Essay Length: 369 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: April 17, 2017 Autor: elijackson77
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