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  • Visual Analysis of Lamassu

    Visual Analysis of Lamassu

    Man Sihuang (Phoenix) Man Anthony Viti AHI-1010-B Survey of World Art I Visual Analysis 21st Oct. 2015 Visual Analysis of Lamassu On week five, our whole class had a wonderful filed trip to the most famous museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is one of the world's largest and finest

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    Submitted: November 19, 2015 Autor: phoenixm
  • Volcanos


    Anthony Kiely 07/12/17 For a specific project of river restoration that you have studied, evaluate its outcomes (9) The cheonggeyechon restoration project in Seoul, South Korea was carried out the 20th century and through to the early 21st century. The reason for the project was too get rid of safety

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    Submitted: March 22, 2017 Autor: ant_kiely
  • Walt Disney Case Study

    Walt Disney Case Study

    Statement of the Problem Patrons complained about the paucity of the activities for small children. After the 911 bomb attacks in the United States , the attendance of all tourists destination in America was gradually decreased including Disney's two theme parks. Euro Disney was built in 1992. Located outside Paris,

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    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: simba
  • War Lecture Response

    War Lecture Response

    In the first class, the discussion in which we defined war to be the violent declaration of conflict between two actors (state/non-state) made me think perhaps for the first time about the odd concept of what I consider to be acts of war or terrorism. Professor Cavarero’s lecture brought to

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    Submitted: September 10, 2015 Autor: ailow
  • War Media

    War Media

    War Media 4/12/17 War. What is it to you? Many people have many different positions on this subject. A good amount of the people making their decision on how they feel about war is based off of the media. There are online articles, photographs, movies, books, and many other types

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    Submitted: April 17, 2017 Autor: elijackson77
  • Warren Micheal Reddick Case

    Warren Micheal Reddick Case

    My name is Warren Micheal Reddick, and I was born in Riverdale, Georgia, on June 4, 1994. My parents were Tawanda Fagan and Warren Reddick. In my early childhood I was only living with my mother and my older brother Niko. Before entering the 1st grade we moved to Covington,

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    Submitted: February 24, 2014 Autor: simba
  • Wartime (spanish)

    Wartime (spanish)

    TIEMPOS DE GUERRA INTRODUCCIÓN Cuando los ricos se hacen la guerra, son los pobres los que mueren. (Jean Paul Sartre). Desde el comienzo de la civilización hasta la actualidad, toda la humanidad ha presenciado aterradoras guerras entre países por desacuerdos en sus intereses, resultado de la falta de comunicación entre

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    Submitted: October 30, 2015 Autor: Aniki15
  • Was the American Revolution a Genuine Revolution? What Were the Origins of the American Revolution? Who Benefited Most from the Revolution?

    Was the American Revolution a Genuine Revolution? What Were the Origins of the American Revolution? Who Benefited Most from the Revolution?

    UtopiaPlease answer the following question in a minimum of 250 words. Was the American revolution a genuine revolution? What were the origins of the American Revolution? Who benefited most from the Revolution? Who lost the most and why? (Points : 15) To thoroughly analyze if the American Revolution is a

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    Submitted: November 28, 2016 Autor: emem0128
  • Washington's Moral Code and Personal Behavior

    Washington's Moral Code and Personal Behavior

    In what ways were Washington's moral code and personal behavior a product of the lessons he had learned from the writings of the Enlightenment? Wood observes that Washington was "always on stage, acting a part." Do you think that Washington was too interested in appearances? Given his value system, why

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    Submitted: March 8, 2011 Autor: moto
  • We Are Goin' on

    We Are Goin' on

    We Are Goin’ On Much like Frederick Douglass did during the Civil War, Du Bois saw World War I as an opportunity to gain civil rights through military service. During World War I, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote an editorial “Close Ranks” published in The Crisis encouraging black men to enlist.

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    Submitted: January 25, 2014 Autor: ebbe
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