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Episode 02: Ancestry

American citizenship carries complexities. 55 white men were hashing out constitution who were responsible for this.

In summer of 1787, the revolutionary period many wars joined the British and saw it as own nations and it posed a military threat. The main challenge was which level of the federal public to deal with federal or state matter. the goal was to fix the confusion. It was fixed in the Congress.

No debate was there about citizenship. The tribes were aware of the laws. After the 3/5th clause in article 1 of Indians clause where their Indians are 0 unless they become taxpayers. Congress has the power to regulate commerce with tribes. During Thomas presidency, America brought France's area. Thomas had an ironclad vision about what he wanted to do. With that landed he made a Thomas democracy. The needy people had to let go that land. By late 1820s, land hunger had made the relationship really difficult. The needy people had to let go this land.

The dramatic shift in late 1820. Land hunger had made the relationship with tribes difficult. Indian removal act was signed 1830. forced Americans in the southeast to move west of Mississippi river. Most of the tribes where they were forced to locate were Oklahoma. This served as a buffer in case of military conflict. Tribes were somehow inferior as well.

Indians aren’t US citizens as per lawyers. Black has no legal standing in the court room so how can an Indian have. The American law says any person can sue, so the only thing judge has to decide whether the standing bear has the rights or not.

Legally Indians couldn’t own any land. In some states, it would take decades before they would get rights to vote. Indian rights movement in 1800 continues to grow in found tribal anatomy. Today we are still in a Nixonian period having functioning economies. All tribal people are dual citizens.


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