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Student Name: Mok Ho Him

Student No.: 10618588


After the Second World War, the relationship between Europe didn’t make better. Although there are less hot war happen, the conflict between eastern and western Europe is still continues. The name of this against called Cold War. A statement claims that the seed of Cold War were sowed during the Second World War. There is several reasons show that it leads to the Cold War happen such as the race of arms, the sense of peaceful raise and the conflict between capitalism and communism and the pattern of Europe

Firstly, the race of the armament makes the Second World War end and stops the willing of fight. At the end for World War II, United States dropped two nuclear bombs in japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That makes the other countries, which still want to fight, stopped since they are afraid of the power of the nuclear bombs. Although Russian builds their nuclear bombs later to resist United States, nuclear bomb is a horror weapon. It will kill a lot of people even destroy a country easily when it used in war comprehensively. On the other hand, the race of the armament will only lead to build up more and more terrible weapon and it will cause a lot of people die. None of the nation willing this happens therefore they only build for terrified their enemy instead of killing. As a result, the Cold War happened.

Moreover, the sense of peaceful also causes the Cold War shows up. During the Second World War, battlefields are all over the world. According to the record, there are over 50 million die because the war (The National WWII Museum, n.d.). Over a half of them are the civilian. They die since the massacre, hunger, lack of medical care. Men are drafted by the armies. Children lost their father. Women lost their husband and their sons. To avoid more victim come up, the sense of anti-war was raised. People procession to show their observation on against war. In 1935, student in University of Oregon in Eugene led a national Student Strike Against War. (Cohen, 1993).Governments need to do something to calm the citizen emotions. Therefore, they stop the war to protect their authority. However, they need to maintain their national advantage from the other countries. Governments use another way, Cold War, to fight for the benefit.

Besides, the competition between capitalism and communism is one of the reasons that lead to Cold War. At the very beginning of Second World War, axis powers like Germany, Japan started to invade the other countries. To fight back the axis power, the Allies powers set up. Capitalism and Communism cooperate to resist. However, it only last for a short period since both Capitalism and Communism are totally different from the other. During the war, they expand their policy to the other countries and attract them to join their party. Both of the Capitalism and Communism want to be the biggest group in the world. Therefore, they try to annex others resources. They fight with each other for the lands. However, when the war ended, they cannot start a new war because the NATO Formally and the Warsaw Pact. Thus, the cold war comes up. They use cold war to keep compete with other. They change to use political to against to others.


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