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Wild Mustangs

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Running head: WILD MUSTANGS

Wild Mustangs

Christina Smith

Harrison College

Com 3150

Ms. S

August 17, 2010

Wild Mustangs

I have done many papers on horses and problems facing them as well as papers on the good light of equine. I can say that I personally care about horses with passion that runs through my blood. Horses, to me, are a symbolic meaning of America. They have fought our wars, carried our mail, become man’s best friend, and won a ton of money for some individuals. I find it very disturbing that one of the symbols of America, the mustang, is being pushed out of the only home they have ever known. Life on the range is hard enough without humans finding ways to control every move they make or how they live. Nature was what controlled the mustangs lives for so long, and now as humans, we try to control nature and the mustang. Will there be a good outcome that can satisfy all parties? Should we just let nature take its course as it has in the past? It is a question that is hard to answer even to the most passionate of horse lovers. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is faced with problems that surround the mustang and open range management. The issues facing the wild mustang are overpopulation and roundups and slaughter, and I feel that open adoption to all of America is one of many options to help preserve their heritage and life.


Wild mustangs are overpopulated in the Western States. Extinction was a problem that mustangs faced at one time until


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