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The Theme of American Literature in the Early 20th Century

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The United States, like all other societies, places women and men unequally at different levels. In other words, society plays an important role in shaping the roles of men and women. Many writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez used their emotion and thought about discriminative power between women and men to compose stories or poems that contain great meaning. Masculinity and femininity are considered as products of a larger social or institutional presence so the power between women and men has been complex and becoming the critical issue towards every individual as well as political society.

Society creates the culture, rules, and the roles for each individual in different ways for different gender. Gender is not considered as the personal trait but it means the difference of socialized aspects between masculinity and femininity. One was born to be a man or another one was born to be a woman. They are still people but they position themselves within this society in different ways. Many theorists believe that an inequality between women and men is the outcome of how structure of society works. For example, in the story named Of Love and Other Demons of the writer Marquez, Sierva Maria is a twelve-year-old girl and has a loveless childhood with black slaves because her parents reject her. Although she lives with slaves, because she is white, she cannot join in the society. Society shaped her in painful life with bad memories because of discrimination. "He had never seen her take a step, and her walk had the same ease and grace as her dancing. He had never seen her in any clothes but an inmate's cassock, and the regal gown gave her a maturity and elegance that revealed how much of a woman she had already become" (Marquez, 78). That is the way society treated her badly even she desired a better lives. Also, she falls in love with the priest, Father Cayetano but at the end, Cayetano left her alone and she died in her prison cell. What is the main reason that they cannot go together? She is just only twelve-year-old and they have a big gap between their ages. On the other hand, Cayetano is the priest. How can he fall in love with that little girl? It results in conflict of the ages and political structure. Society does not allow them be together even though they are fall in love to each other deeply. However, at the end, Cayetano prefers to stay and served as "a nurse at the Amor de Dios Hospital, where he lived many years with his patients, eating and sleeping with them on the ground, and washing in their troughs with water they had used" (Marquez, 107) than rescue with Sierva who "never knew what happened to Cayetano Delaura, why he never came back with his basket of delicacies from the arcades and his insatiable nights" (Marquez, 108). It seems like society makes difference between men and women. Men tend to have more power but women just only want to live in happiness. Women always are people who bear


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