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The Glory Field

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Have you ever wanted to disappear into your imagination? This is your chance, pick up a book and get the best book ever Bridge to Terabithia. The author is amazing, adventurous, and outstanding. This author's name is Katherine Paterson, she is an awesome author. She really puts her voice in her writing.

Now we can get ourselves into the real characters of the story. These are the main characters of the story: Leslie Burke, Jesse Aarons, Janice Avery, May Belle Aarons, and of course Prince Terrain. Leslie is a wonderful character here's a list of things about her: she is active, graceful, heroic, polite, thoughtful, brave, and kind. Jess is: artistic, athletic, fearless, and talented. Janice is: cruel, jealous, naughty, and rude. May Belle is: childish, funny, spoiled, and sometimes sweet. Prince Terrain (P.T. for short) is the guardian of Terabithia.

Let's get into the plots of the story. During the story Jess feels invisible for not having friends. In the beginning of the story Leslie is getting over with being the new kid in school. In the middle of the story Leslie shows Jess an imaginative place where no one can go, but them. Close to the end of the story Jess loses something special. Those were some plots of the story.

Now we are into one of the sad parts of the story. The first thing that happens is Jess goes to Washington D.C. with the coolest teacher. They go to a museum for a couple of hours. During that period of time, back at home, Leslie goes to Terabithia. Then Leslie starts to swing on the rope breaks and Leslie falls and dies. It is very depressing and hard to say that Leslie died. Guess what Jess didn't here about it until he got back from Washington. Well that is the info of the end of the story.

My opinion of the story Bridge to Terabithia is that it is a very good book. It is a


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