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Social Case Study Report

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  1. Identifying Information:

Name                                : Charles John G. Malasarte

Age                                : 7 years old

Birthday                        : July 17, 2005

Birth Place                        : Baras, Rizal

Educational Attainment        : Grade II-active

Date of Interview                : April 03, 2013

Collateral Contact                : Brgy. Captain Marcos S. Seclot- Brgy. Pinugay

Source of Information        : Emmanuel Malasarte- Father

Family Composition

  1. Emmanuel Malasarte        - Head of the family, 36 yrs. old, married, HS Grad.

  Driver- Brgy, Council, P6, 000.00/month

  1. Lourdes G. Malasarte        - Mother, 34 yrs. old, married, HS Grad. BHW,

  P500.00/monthly honoranum

  1. Maria Shiela Malasarte        - Sister, 16 yrs. old, single, 4th year HS-ISY
  2. Maria Shiela Malasarte        - Sister, 14 yrs. old, single,2nd year HS-ISY
  3. Ma. Shierly Malasarte        - Sister, 16 yrs. old, Grade VII-ISY
  4. Suzette Malasarte                - Sister, 11 yrs. old, Grade IV
  5. Charles John Malaserte        - Subject, 7 yrs. old, Grade III

  1. Problem Presented:

Mr. Malasarte came to MSWD office requesting for a social case study report to support his hospitalization assistance request to Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office. He was confined at Lucena United Doctors Hospital and Medical Center since April 1 due to drowning making them financially hard. The incurred hospital bill is amount to Forty Six Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Two and Sixty Seven Centavos (P46, 352.67) as of April 2, 2013.

  1. Historical Background of the Family

Charles- parents are both transient in Baras. Emmanuel was raised by her grandmother in Brg. Pinugay Emmanuel has six sibling while Lourdes has Twelve. Emmanuel is the eldest while Lourdes is the youngest. Their siblings and most of all relatives are living in different places, like them looking for a better future. He met Lourdes in Daet when they visited a relative. Emmanuel and Lourdes established their family in Baras Rizal, and was blessed with five children. Emmanuel is the one earning for the family. He works in different companies nearby their place as truck driver while Lourdes takes care of their children.


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