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Reading Response of the Necklace

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I was deeply impressed with the description of Mme Loisel’s own fantasy world in paragraph 2, page 1 in “The Necklace”. “She imagined vast saloons hung with antique silks, exquisite pieces of furniture supporting preiceless ornaments, and small, charming, perfumed rooms, created just for little parties of intimate friends, men who were famous and sought after, whose homage roused every other woman’s envious longings.” We can clearly find that the gap between Mme Loisel’s real-life and her fanciful world through the abundant adjectives and plentiful descriptions of details. After that, the Guy de Maupassant created a woman with the character of vanity and greed by using these conflicts.

As far as I am concerned, there is no problems for Mme Loisel’s ambition, although she was limited by social class, family and her birth. Actually, it is fantastic that people have their own ambition and dream. Probably, the dream is incredible, even ridiculous. At least, you already have the direction, you know exactly what kind of life you are looking forward to. However, it is not enough for people who just have ambition. If you only imagine what your life will be, all of your ambition and dream will be vanished like         soap bubbles, what is more, it will make you vain, jealous and never content with what you already possessed. Success is never easy for everyone, we should create the opportunity ourselves instead of waiting for the chance given by the others. Our real actions and efforts will bring the dream into reality, and live the life we looking forward to. We will have to finish our targets with full of happiness and confidence before saying that we are not satisfied with what we owned. That is called ambitious.


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