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My Jounal

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Meaghan Allaire

May 30, 2012

Eled 111B

A teacher who had an impact on me would have had to been my eleventh grade U.S history/ twelfth grade psychology teacher Mr. Figs. Words could not explain how much fun he had made learning history and psychology. He had a policy that teaching from the textbook was a waste of time and energy. He believed that if he was going to teach history/psychology than he had to make it fun. He would use dolls to reenact battle scenes, or what had called "The Slave Monster" to teach the other students and myself about slavery. He would have the students act out situations that had happen in history. Such situations was the American Revolution and the battle of Lexington and Concord. Mr. Figs had half of the class be the British and the other half Patriots and he was Paul Revere and he had us pertained to fight each other from our desks. When he came to warn the Patriots that the British were coming he decided that yelling was not enough, instead he took a bull horn and yelled into which really hurt but in all good spirit was fun. In psychology we had been learning about schizophrenia I had to step out for a minute and when I went to go into the classroom Mr. Figs locked that door on me. After knocking on the door for about five minutes Mr.Figs yelled from under the doors window "You can't fire me Foley" (He was the assistant principle). I told Mr. Figs that it was only me and that Mr. Foley was not in the hallway . He continued to yell at random objects until the end of class. Yet, there was a lesson that had to been learned that day and that was how schizophrenics think. The reason Mr. Figs had an impact on me was because he was about engaging the students rather than just teaching from the text. He wanted the students to be involved in the lesson instead of just siting and writing notes.



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