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King of Debt by the Economics and Why This Economy Needs Donald Trump by David Malpass

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Expository essay

This essay is about two articles, King of debt by The Economics and Why This Economy Needs Donald Trump by David Malpass (Economist,2016, Malpass, 2016). These articles are about Donald Trump and how he influences to Americas economic. Trump was elected to be the new president of United States. Many people like Trump’s opinions, but also almost as many do not like them. Some say that Trump will destroy America and others that he will make America great again.

The Economist says that Trump is the “king of dept” because he promised to cut taxes quite radically (Economist, 2016). David Malpass definitely thinks that Trump can make the economy to rise again. Malpass says that the recovery from recession has been very weak and that profits and investments are lower than a year ago. (Malpass, 2016) It is clear that markets think that Trump’s election is a good thing because they have gone up from the election day. The Economist are concerned about Trump, because they think his expectations and promises are way ahead of realities. They also think that the fiscal stimulus is very poorly timed, because the unemployment rate is quite low now and federal reserve is worried about inflation(Economist, 2016). It is clear to say that people’s concern is justified, but no one can say that Trump cannot handle money because he is a self-made millionaire.

Trump has influenced positively to markets, because of the government’s ten-year debt has risen 0.5 percentages and inflation expectations only half as much. Therefore markets are expecting higher interest rates, not high inflation. Another positive sign is that the dollar has risen much more than interest rates. (Economist 2016) All these things are very good, but people should remember that all this is only guessing because, Obama is still the president and no one can really know, will Trump keep his promises and how it effects really.


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