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If I Were a Superhero?

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If I were a superhero, I would like to be the Flash. The name itself describes what he can do. I really would love to have his power because he can defy what is normal. Despite the fact that he only has the power to run so fast, he really is a great superhero. He has the ability to move like a flash of a camera. He is so fast that he could even pass through solid objects. He can run so fast that for me, he might even be able to go back to the past or go to the future.

I would like to have this ability because I am just so curious about a lot of things. I want to know what truly happened in the past and to be able to see the future. This power in the hands of a brilliant mind can do more than this. You just have to be knowledgeable about the effects of speed.

This huge amount of kinetic energy in him astounds me because, despite the fact that he has to run, he doesn't get tired. I would love to possess this because I really love travelling. I have always dreamed of travelling the whole world and even the world of the unknown. This is because I am just too curious about things. This power would really be a great help in fulfilling my dreams and ambitions.

The best thing about this ability for me might be the fact that you can go from one place to the other. I want to be in two places at a time especially in terms of helping people. As we all know, many crimes have been reported and made and still so many more to come. I would like to prevent such a horrible happening because I really want peace and unity in the world.


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