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HELLOOO !!I'm so happy to be a member of this amazing site.Can't wait to share my work with you and also take some fascinating ideas of your essays.My favourite food is every kind of fish, that's why my eyes are great. I hace no allergies ane I love to mix ketchup with mustard, if u don't like this "collaboration" then byebye. I LOVE JLO AND BEYONCE...ALSO CHRIS BROWN.I also like brownies and cheesecake. I want to become an English teacher, so please vote me Covergirl on Stardoll. I want to get married and have lot of childers...just kidding I just want to be a millionaire.

I have a dog and a cat. I love walking my dog and I also love feeding both of my pets and play with them, because they're super cute and pretty .Iwant to pet a butterfly even through I don't like butter but it's okay.

I wash too often, once in a year. I do have allergiesactually, in water and animals. Thats why I almost die every time I play with my pets and every time I drink and wash with water, but it's fine because I'm not scared of death and pain. Because I can't feel any pain amymore due to the fact that a boy in kindergarten (who I had a crush on) kiss my bunny in front of me. 2 years after my bunny died because it was sick, and that's why I'm not scared of death because I know that if I die I'll go find my former pet in heaven and xoxo gossip(girl) about BOYSSS.

All in all, I love going out with my human friends even though I don't have any.


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