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Blockchain and Bitcoin

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The background information synthesis is that “blockchain” and “bitcoin” will have a decisive impact on management accounting and management accountant. Examination of the driving forces behind the blockchain and bitcoin movements are needed to compare about different ideas from primary and secondary research perspectives and synthesize the literature by analysing important differences and similarities. Primary literature search is based on reviewed articles from books, whereas secondary literature is literature from research reports and white papers from companies or other documents. This classification is used below to give a more complete view of possible influences on management accounting from blockchain and bitcoin.

Blockchain is a canonical source of truth. The conventional accounting practice contains the financial records in private ledgers and depends on accountants to accommodate them against those kept up by the outsider partners. Blockchain alters the conventional techniques for documentation, invoicing, contracts and installment preparing. Each bookkeeping exchange on the blockchain followed. It is likewise utilized as a part of following responsibility for and impalpable resources like crude materials, advancement of keen contracts and protected innovation rights. The blockchain provides data integrity of electronic files through use of hash string and digital fingerprint instead of using a lot of paper to audit, delivery notes, invoices and payment records which are kept up by the organization and third-party verifications.

discusses that the speed, ease and cost savings associated with Bitcoin means it has the potential to become the popular choice of payments such as PayPal. Holding of cryptocurrencies can be both large and their value can be volatile.


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