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Biopure Case Questions

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Kathleen Yeh

February 21, 2019

Biopure Case Questions

Conduct a SWOT analysis for Biopure the whole company.


Oxyglobin is the first blood substitute for veterinary market that is government approved

Only product that is bovine sourced

Free of infectious diseases and contamination

Increased shelf life (up to 2 years)


Short half life (excreted from body within 2-7 days)

Waiting for FDA approval on Hemopure

Lack of market experience

Low production capacity compared to Baxter


Build strong brand image for Oxyglobin

No other available blood substitute in veterinary market

Lower production var. expenses


Delayed FDA approval

Competitors - Baxter International, NorthField Laboratories

Unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure

When would be the best time to release both Oxyglobin and Hemopure? Do you think Biopure should release its Oxyglobin before its Hemopure? If Biopure decided to launch Oxyglobin first, what would be the benefits of doing so?

I believe it would be best to launch Oxyglobin first. I don’t agree with the issue that Ted Jacobs had expressed, suggesting pricing Oxyglobin at $150 would make it difficult to charge $800 for Hemopure. While the products are practically identical in physical properties and appearance, they are very different in application, as Oxyglobin is for the veterinary market, and Hemopure is for humans. With 84% of veterinary doctors reporting dissatisfaction in blood transfusion alternatives, the demand for Oxyglobin would be high. Considering Oxyglobin has already received FDA approval, it is the optimal time to launch the product and take advantage of the untouched market. Waiting to launch Oxyglobin could jeopardize their opportunity in being the first to enter the veterinary market, and risks the threat of competitors entering the market as well. By launching Oxyglobin first, they are able to focus on building a strong brand image and enhance Biopure’s reputation, which would allow Hemopure to easily follow in launching.

What would you charge for the Oxyglobin and Hemopure? Why? (show calculation) What would be the drawbacks of charging a high


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