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My name is Whitney Chavis I'm 19 years old I graduated last year from Purnell Swett High school I'm currently enrolled at Robeson Community College my career that I look to pursue in the future is to become a news reporter for CBS evening news in New York City I currently work with the PSRC in the prime time program also known as after school care work at Tangle Wood Elementary in Lumberton, NC I have been working for this program for two years now and I love my job I would not trade it for nothing in this world, just to see my kids smile daily is a blessing for me. Also teaching special education is going to be my second option if my news job does not work out for me I love kids very much and adore them, so I would be great for the job. I currently live in Maxton, NC in a small area called Prospect. I have a mother and a father, one brother, and one sister so obviously I'm the youngest or as some people like to call it "the baby of the family". When I was told to write about my life so many options came to my mind but one thing that stuck out in the back of my mind would be this: I have heard different people have different problems about their childhood. Everyone goes through hard times growing up, but there's not much to do but live your life like there's no tomorrow.


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