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What Happens If Someone Dies and They Have Not Been Filing Income Tax

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- The board of Directors and Senior E

The board of Directors and Senior Executive: the decision was economic related, keeping the shift was not an option due to the recent loss of contract and the impact on the CEO would be to look forward at what can be done in the future to come. Some disappointment I losing 50 more operators, as well as 2 managers, and 2 supervisors then intended for this loss of contract. May need to redesign mission and strategy.

Senior Management: Upset by losing one of the location in Canada, but may ease on workload. Focus on executing the strategy and the organizational performance of remaining two locations.

Supervisors: All site managers, supervisors, and I will be out of a job. With new businesses, and job alike there is hope for a new job in the future.

Employees: All customer service operators, payroll clerks, and the HR generalist will be out of a job and probable devastated by this mass termination and location shut down. Attempting to find a job will be difficult due to the amount of competition between unemployed workers to find a job. Some may consider attending school to upgrade their education, while others search for new work.



1. Stakeholders: are groups of people who have an interest in the projects, policies, vested interests, or outcomes of an organizations decision.

Cornwall facility

5 stakeholders:

- The board of Directors and Senior Executive: CEO

- Senior Management: General Manager(Canada)

- Supervisors: 3 Site managers, 3 supervisors, (me) General manager (Ontario)

- Employees: 75 Customer Service


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