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Using Ms Word

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This paper will help the reader understand some of the different uses for Microsoft Word to improve your school work and how to use the application. It will also discuss the how to format a paper in APA using MS Word.

The different ways Microsoft Word can be used

Microsoft Word can be used to write, edit, save, share, and print your typed documents. One feature that is very useful for school is the ability to move my paragraphs around so that the flow of the paper is easy to read and understand. The ability to look on the print preview screen to see your document prior to printing is also useful to ensure that the document looks like you want it to. Word contains many features that will insure that your document is correctly formatted and easy to read by helping you to eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes.

The steps to create and save a new Word document

To set up a new document, you need to go to the start menu at the bottom of the computer and open up MS Word from the program list. From here you will go to the upper left hand corner to File, and then new. This will open up a blank white screen that looks like an electronic piece of paper.

APA Formating

You will now want to format your document in APA format utilizing the features in MS Word. APA ensures a disciplined presenting model (Danley, 2008).


1. Under FILE, select Page Setup

2. Select MARGINS tab and type 1" at the TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, and RIGHT boxes.

Alignment/Line Spacing

All documents following APA guidelines are required to be aligned left and double spaced throughout the document. You do not use additional spacing between the paragraphs, headings, etc. To do set this do the following:

1. Place the cursor at the start of the document, select FORMAT

2. Under FORMAT, select PARAGRAPH




Next you would format your font. In APA, font is set to Times New Roman or Courier, 12 Point.

1. Under FORMAT, select FONT

2. Under FONT, select either Courier or Times New Roman

3. Under SIZE, select 12

Hanging Indents

Hanging indents are used to create your References in APA. To set the hanging indent do the following:


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