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Supply Chain and Customer Analysis

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Customer analysis

In this report, we are going to point out Airpod’s current segmentation strategies, which are geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, and benefit sought segmentation,. This segmentation can help Airpods to consolidate their market position and increase the number of purchase since we creating creative solution for the future.

In geographic segmentation, there is a following segmentation which is the region.

1. Region

In Hong Kong, we can buy the products of Apple Company easily in Sha Tin, Causeway Bay, Central, Kowloon Tong and Kwun Tong. These venues are very convenient, so that customer can purchase the products easily. Apart from Apple specialty shop, it has different shop can purchase Apple’s product in Hong Kong, including DG Lifestyle Store. It was designated as the first Asian Apple special store, so that the brand was officially recognized. Since most of the selling points are distributed by all 18 districts in Hong Kong, it means that it can give a surety for customers to buy. Thus, it can earn trust and build reputation through such ways.

In demographic segmentation, there are the following five levels: gender, income, birth era and occupation.

2.1 Gender

Apple perfumes is both male and female by gender. They provided variety of colour to the product to satisfy males and females want. For example, the colour of iPhone which has champagne gold, rose gold for female; black and silver designed to male.

2.2 Income

Apple has distinguished their targets to be two parts, which are high income level and grassroots. Their main target is the people from the high income groups because Apple emphasizes on their products’ quality and function. Since there are more people pursuit science technology trends nowadays, they are willing to pay more money for getting a better product. Besides, Apple’s orientation of Airpod is an aspirational product, they believes that general public from low-income level are desperate to own it but right now they have difficult in finance, as soon as their economic conditions has changed, they are willing to own one. So they maintain to sell in the high prices. But grassroots can also buy the Apple’s product. For example, iPhoneSE which has a similar appearance of iPhone5s but the price is very lower. The price is pulling out the gap from the original iPhone. Apple seems like to create a new medium -range machine market for iPhone, so that more people buy the iPhone.


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