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Strategic Analysis - Essential Ingredient for Emirates

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this paper is on It is the essential ingredient for Emirates is the use of appropriate and skilled staff. Recruiting the right persons for the job and training them appropriately for the performance of their duties. It is a very important factor for obtaining competitive advantage. Staff needs to have the appropriate service knowledge, interpersonal skills and aptitude to provide the quality services that the customers are paying for. Emirates recruit and retains high calibre employees from all around the world who matches the capabilities they require. Existing staff are trained to enable them to continuously improve the services provided by Emirates. Its cabin crew is young and enthusiastic. Employees are rewarded for their high performance which enables them to further improve their performance. Corporate values of Emirates are aligned with individual's career aspirations. The environment encourages loyalty, teamwork and commitment to the ongoing development. Rewards, recognition, performance programmes, and incentive are designed to encourage the best from employees.

The human resource department of the Emirates Group support the company vision by developing creative and flexible human resource solutions. These solutions help in meeting commercial targets and also support business growth. It ensure effective employee relationship with each other through professional compliance with policies and procedures. It also ensures to retain high calibre employees across all locations. Emirates knows that to be successful they need to have high quality people who can able to enjoy working for emirates. The Emirates Group Recruitment department gives professional services for recruitment which really helps in recruiting across all business divisions and functions from low level to high level posts like senior executive. It has a team specifically formulated for the purpose of recruitment. The team handles the recruitment process independently. It consults the short term and long term staffing needs with department managers. This recruitment process gives tailored recruitment solutions efficiently and effectively by searching locally and globally qualified and committed professionals to find the best talent.

Emirates give a range of benefits to permanent employees who are recruited locally and globally. Emirates remuneration policy emphasises on developing compensations and benefits policies via detailed research and analysis. Their main focus is to remain competitive in the market it operates by attracting and retaining the right talent. The remuneration package given by Emirates comprises not just cash but also non cash elements for motivating employees to perform well. Emirates recognise that people are the heart and soul of Emirates Group. That is why recruiting, training and retraining high calibre people are the core values of the business. For self development and increasing knowledge and skills of employees Emirates has started


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