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Principles of Management

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Leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is "being all you can be" within the bounds of doing what is right for your organization. To reach excellence you must first be a leader of good character. You must do everything you are supposed to do. Organizations will not achieve excellence by figuring out where it wants to go, then having leaders do whatever they have to in order to get the job done, and then hope their leaders acted with good character. Leader is the inspiration and director of the action. Leadership is a winning combination of personal traits and the ability to think and act as a leader, a person who directs the activities of others for the good of all. Anyone can be a leader, but only a good leader will be able to reach its own goals or even excel its required ability.

Let us look at world's leading leader Steve Jobs - he created magic, made people believe in him believed in apple made his products most sought after. How did he do that? Apple, no matter how many economic dark clouds may hover, never skimps on research and development. In 2009, at the nadir of the Great Recession, Apple's R&D spending jumped 20percent to $1.4billion. In that year, Apple added another 12,300 employees, raising its number of full-time workers to 46,600, a 36percent jump. Over the same period, Apple's R&D spending soared 38 percent, and it opened 44retail stores, ending the year with 317.

Apple's innovation is not only relentless but also ruthless. No company is more willing to kill its babies. Rather than wait for competitors to draw the knife, Jobs does the deed himself.

In 2005, Apple killed off the popular iPod Mini to make way for the even-sleeker digital music player, the iPod Nano.

The ever constant in his company is change. Changes for the better, from a leading company that markets music player to computer went in to the cell phone market and conquered it. Every single one in this world wants a set of I phone . Apple executives readily acknowledge that the iPhone is cannibalizing its iPods, and the iPad tablet ultimately could threaten the company's core laptop business but they are still going on strong. Jobs has a fantastic vision , a vision which promise success. So now with his current health issues what will happen after Jobs leave apple? He is a one-of-a-kind business icon and Apple has come to symbolize American innovation. What happens to the company he cofounded 33 years ago if Jobs did not return from his medical leave of absence? Does it continue on its high flying trajectory, fall apart at the seams, or does the answer fall somewhere in between? Reciprocally, Apple's demise after Steve's departure should take about as long as it took for his return to materially improve operating results. That's about seven years. A good leader makes people


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