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Porter Diamond Analysis - Restau Ltd

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1) Introduction

Our investment project deals with the establishment of a French restaurant in either Russia

or South Africa. That means, that we are going to compare the markets of two target cities,

Moscow and Johannesburg. That also means, that we have chosen the option "production"

in the field of services. We first want to introduce the framework of our business through

describing its core concept as well as the environment required for such an international


2) Concept of the Restaurant

2.1) Purpose

As a French Company called Restau Ltd. acting in the business we decided to open

a Luxury French Restaurant. We think that the French fine dining is well known in the world

as supplier of excellent service and excellent food. Therefore our aim is to exceed the

expectation of an upper-class audience, ensuring a high level of the quality of services and

products, exporting the main gastronomic traditions from different regions of France that we

feel will have success.

2.2) Marketing identity

We chose to display for our Ltd. two different names according to each country. For Russia,

it would be "Louis de Russie". For South Africa, we suggest the name of the French ship

"Oosterland" which sailed to this country as a result of the Calvinist persecution. These two

names refer to cultural subjects well known from well-educated people whom we are

targeting at.

2.3) Structure of the Company

In order to integrate the French company into one of these markets, we will adopt an Ltd.

model which consists in creating a headquarter base in France related to a subsidiary in the

targeted country; the scope of this legal structure is mainly to support the importation of

traditional French products such as wine, cheese etc.

In addition, we will


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