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Metabalical - Coca-Cola Essay

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Positioning statement of Metabical:

Metabical is your partner in weight loss journey to reach your health weight and lower your BMI

from high 20’s to <=25. Within only 3 months Metabical can help you to reach target weight

without any metabolic disorder or painful physical experiences like other weight loss pill.

Metabical weight loss support program is standing by your side 24/7, not only to get rid of your

stubborn fat but also to make your journey of healthy weight maintenance easy. We believe in

healthy lifestyle rather than one-time weight loss. Together we build a healthy and active

community. Coca-Cola Open happiness:

I grew up watching Coca-Cola’s ad specific to every celebration. I picked two of the most popular recent ads of Coca-Cola in Bangladesh. The first one is for Bangla new year celebration and second one is for Ramadan month. Both ad portray Coca-Cola’s slogan of “Open happiness” and sharing the joy. Coca-Cola campaign focuses on consumer persuasion model by creating attention and interest for the product; and the celebration creates a desire to have a chilled coke which drives consumer to buy coke for every occasion. Also, both advertises focuses on the culture and values of the market. In these ads Coca-Cola positioned as a brand who understands the targeted customer group rather than a global brand. But both of TVC were successful to represent Coca-Cola as an everyday brand. Altogether, Wise argues that the savings add up to a significant shift in the cost structure of egg production. Obviously, the value of these benefits fluctuates with the market. But right now, he talks about savings in the neighborhood of 80¢ per chicken --


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