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Google Case

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The business that I would like to discuss is Google. Google a multi-billion search engine site is now stepping on Microsoft's toes by developing Gmail, and Google Docs. Google specializes in web based programs and cloud storages programs. While Microsoft specializes desktop in programs and applications, but the two software giants are battling it out competing with each other. Microsoft is battling back making its own search engine Bing. What I've learned from this module is Google and Microsoft is examples of the "invisible hand" two companies battling for consumer acceptance and providing best products and prices. Google is reaching out to new outlets and new customers. For example Google powered phones (Android) are being introduced to the cell phones, netbooks and tablets PC market. Google is constantly expanding developing new software making lives easier and home programs more accessible. I think Google has just begun there is so much unexplored territory that they have not uncovered with the right team, research, and the demands of customers. Sky's the limit for this business. Profit is positive gain from a finical investment, after subtracting expenses. The quote "The success of a business is measured only by the profit it earns," is very true businesses that turn out huge profit margins are more likely to stay business to produce the product or service they are selling. The more profits they make the faster the business can expand and market its product other places. Also excess money could be used towards employees that work hard and keep them there longer rather than spending time and money retraining a new person. Profits also can lead to spending money on advertising getting "the name" of business out there.


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