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Global Multiproduct Chile Case

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1. How do STEEPLE factors affect the Co.?

a. Social

Chile believes a lot in social differences, and prides itself in separating people based on their status or working position. Bob took advantage of this and added two new executive positions in the company. They are also a lot more serious than the rest of Latin America. They believe a lot in being political. They will be polite and they don't tend to be very direct. They live "in their own world" meaning that they can be in the same place for years and not know their neighbors this reflects on the fact that nationals tend to lack trust. Socially Chileans are family and self centered, sometimes to the extreme of being called boring, but at the same time workaholics. These factors affect how the company addresses different situations, specially working one on one with Chilean nationals.

b. Technological

Global Multi-Products prides itself a lot on their technological advances and on the fact that they offer some of the most up to date products on the market. They have over 55,000 products that range from household and office supplies to pharmaceuticals and computer technologies.

c. Economic

Chile had several economic changes in the previous years, from the rule of Allende, where the government nationalized many private companies, to the change to Pinochet, where the country allowed foreign companies to re-enter the country. These changes gave a bit of instability to the economic status of the country. In the 1990's there were high domestic savings and investment rates that helped Chile's economy and a privatized national pension program that encouraged domestic investment. On the other side, more recent events tell us that Chile had one of the best GDP per capita in Latin America (more people had more money to spend in GMP), however their current reality


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