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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

Annia R. Fonrose

BUS 100: Intro to business

June 1, 2015


   Effective business communication is a must for anyone in the business world. By focusing on critical communication skills, employees at any level of the organization can learn to communicate effectively with internal and external. The primary requirements are an open mind, good listening skills and the ability to focus on a common goal. There are many reasons why good communication skills are vital when it comes to running a successful company, here are some of them.

 When promoting effective communication first, you need to consider having excellent verbal communication. Verbal communication can bring great rewards to your organization when carried out successfully, but it can also be harmful  to your business when approached the wrong way. The words you use are important, but equally important is the way you express them. You are more likely to achieve positive outcomes when you use positive, rather than negative, language. Positive language is helpful and encouraging; it suggests alternatives and offers solutions to problems. It is language that stresses positive actions and consequences.

Furthermore, Eye contact is an important factor. By making eye contact you are directing your conversation at that specific person, demonstrating that you're devoting your time and not able to be distracted as if you would by looking round.  When you listen, eye contact shows that you have genuine interest in what the other person says.  Eye contact also shows respect for the other person, whether you speak or listen. In general, the worst thing you can do is not engage the other party at all with your eyes. This express disinterest or lack of engagement with the other person. Irregular eye contact suggests you are nervous, lack confidence or are distracted by things going on around you. None of these are positive messages. Its best to keep eye contact simple and respectful.


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