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Food and Beverage Industry: Competitor Analysis

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Competitor Analysis

        The food and beverage industry is trending towards healthy eating, and people are consuming more natural, organic products. Healthy living lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular in the US, and sales of new, exotic flavors of juice are on the rise as well. Although there is a striking trend amongst consumers towards more natural, organic products, the juice cleanse competitive landscape is somewhat small when compared to the vast juice market. All of the 6 big players in the juice cleanse market have distinct product features, and their marketing strategies all vary to highlight their unique advantages.

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Suja’s main product is the Fresh Start cleanse, 1, 3 or 5-day program for highly active individuals that require a higher calorie intake. Organic Avenue offers a group cleanse that is aimed at groups of 3-9 people who want to take part in a cleanse together. Blueprint Cleanse is the very first line of juice cleanses to offer varying levels of intensity depending on one’s dietary habits and history. They offer a user-friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most hardcore raw food eaters to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of over indulgence. The $9.99 BluePrint per bottle price in consistent with the range of prices other juice cleanse companies offer. BluePrint, unlike many of their competitors, does not have their own stores.

Consumer Analysis

According to Nutrition Business Journal, an independent research firm, sales of natural and organic food increased at a compound annual growth rate of 12% from 1997 to 2011, reaching a total market size of $43 billion in the U.S. The booming sales figures show the trend amongst consumers towards more natural, organic products. BluePrint started business amid a dramatic leap in awareness and demand for juice cleanses, and BluePrint took advantage with $20 million in revenue just a few years after opening in 2007.


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