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Fair and Lovely

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my name is haidy graduated from saint fatima school and university is azhar form literature and translation department then i worked at publishing corporation as an scientific editor for a year then i went to telecomegypt as customer service then i got married and tool maternity leave for 5 years i ve three children then i decided to return back and starting again from zero then my first step is totake my MBA from arab acadmey of science and technology......then our doctor hesham danan gave us this case study to discuss so i decided to see it from here..

From antiquity until the mid-17th century, Italy was considered as the central place of Western culture and the starting point of worldwide phenomena such as the Roman Empire, Roman Catholic Church, cultural and educational reform and new beginning. During this period, Italy gave birth to a number of famous painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, mathematical and architects those created a niche of their own in history.


Italy's public education is free and compulsory from 6–14 years of age.[45] It has a five-year primary stage and an eight-year secondary stage, divided into first-grade secondary school (middle school) and second-grade secondary school (or high school). Italy has both public and private education systems.Primary school lasts five years. Until middle school, the normal educational curriculum is uniform for all: although one can attend a private or state-funded school, the subjects studied are the same, except in special schools for pupils with different care requirements.

Secondary education is further divided in two stages: Medie Inferiori {junior}, which correspond to the Middle School grades, and Medie Superiori{secondary school}, which correspond to the High School level. The lower tier of Middle School, lasts three years, and involves an exam at the end of the third year; secondary school usually last five years. Every tier involves an exam at the end of the final year required to access the following tier.

The secondary school situation varies, since there are several types of schools differentiated by subjects and activities. This exam takes place every year in June and July and grants access to any faculty at any University.

Italy hosts a broad variety of universities, colleges and academies. Milan's Bocconi University, has been ranked among the top 20 best business schools in the world by The Wall Street Journal international rankings, especially thanks to its Master of Business Administration program, which in 2007 placed it no. 17 in the world in terms of graduate recruitment preference by major multinational companies.


The great Romantic English poet, Lord Byron, described Italian as a language that sounds "as if it should be writ on satin." Byron's description is not an isolated expression of poetic


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