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Economic Development of China

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Economic development of China (by the financial crisis)

As we all know, the loans in 2008, the United States affect the entire world crisis. Crisis by the credit crisis that has changed the financial crisis, economic crisis is changing. Our professional crisis, changed the national crisis, and is changing the global economic crisis. This is not only the U.S. economy and the global economy a serious challenge. In the context of globalization, China-US economic relations are closer than ever under the conditions of China is difficult to escape this storm. However, in the past few years, it is clear that China's' rapid economic development.

In 2003 China's GDP increased by 9.1% year on year, to 135 822 800 000, the fastest growing year since 1997, per capita GDP from 1000 U.S. dollars, the first time. China's economy has entered a new round of China in 2003 China received the list of countries out of poverty means that increases in the 2007 Asian financial crisis, and duration. As of the end of 2003 the registered unemployment rate in Chinese cities as 8,000,000 people, the city registered unemployment rate was 4.3%. In addition, China import and export volume reached 851.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 37.1% over last year, export value and import volume reached 100 million U.S. dollars 4384 and 4128 grew by 34.6% and 39.9%, respectively, from last year comparison. Tourism in China, in 2003 an extraordinary year. In the first half of this year, SARS caused heavy losses to China's tourism industry, resulting in more than 100 billion Yuan of losses. Entered the country in 2003, 91,000,000 people who travel, tourism foreign exchange revenues 173 million U.S. dollars, decreased by 7.1% and 15.1%, respectively, over last year, domestic tourism population of 870 million people, domestic tourism revenue 344.2 billion Yuan, decreased by 0.9% and 11.2 %, respectively; international and domestic tourism revenue 487.4 billion Yuan, 12.4% decrease compared with last year. From SARS and natural disasters, China's economic development hardship still makes great progress.

China's GDP in 2004 was 159.878 billion Yuan, an increase of 9.5% compared to 2003, which is seventh in the world. China's per capita GDP 1,269 U.S. dollars, but still lower income countries average. In 2004, the national unemployment rate was 4.2%, down 0.1 percentage points over the same period. This is the first drop in nearly 10 years. In addition, China import and export amounted to 11,547 billion U.S. dollars, which increased by 35.7%, compared with last year. In addition, the size of China's rapid development of retail chains. As of late 2004, China has more than retail chain group (corporate) 1055, an increase of 9.1%, compared with late 2003.

In 2005, China's GDP reached 183.868 billion Yuan, an increase of 2004 compared to 10.40%. Growth


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