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Do You Think Employee Productivity Is Affected Based on the Leader's Behavior and the Relationship with People in the in Vs. out Group?

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Do you think employee productivity is affected based on the leader's behavior and the relationship with people in the in vs. out group?

I believe that productivity is affected based on the leader’s relationship with people in the in vs. out group. For instance, you probably have team members that you've developed a great relationship with because you trust them, they work hard, and they've never let you down. It's also likely that you have others on your team who you think less well of. They may be late all the time, they're less competent, and you simply don't trust them to the same extent. if team members prove themselves loyal, trustworthy and skilled, they're put into the In-Group. This group is made up of the team members that the manager trusts the most. If team members betray the trust of the manager, or prove that they're unmotivated or incompetent, they're put into the Out-Group. This group's work is often restricted and unchallenging. At my last job, I was a Lead Chef for the Seattle Seahawks organization but I did not get that position until after six years because I was part of the out-group. I use to show up late, and hang with the out-group of team members. We knew who the in- group was and we use to make fun of them all the time. When it came to raise and promotions, I was passed over and not taken seriously because of my crowd and performance. All of that changed one day, when I was waiting on a bus to get to work and a supervisor from my job pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride to work. The supervisor was part of the in-group and we both found out we had a great deal of things in common. We quickly became friends and commuted to work each day from that point on. He was the one who told me how to improve my work skills and the crowd I was with in order to move up. It took a while but I was eventually transferred to his department which was the best and hardest department to work for. Within the year I had become his assistant, best friend and a lead, with a promotion and raise. I had to leave the out-group alone and they all eventually got fired, while I thrived in my new department. My productivity level increased 300% by switching groups and getting new responsibilities. My attitude and behavior improved because I felt needed and wanted in my department.


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