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Discuss How the Current Business Environment Has Influenced Your Business Performance and Profitability

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Diploma in Business Leadership: Module 4 Assignment

Strategic Management

a) Discuss how the current business environment has influenced your business performance and profitability.

Introduction / overview of Glenwood Motor Center

The world is in a state of turbulent change, suggests John Naisbitt in his book Megatrends" The main challenge for business today is to adapt in this world of accelerating change. Business organizations do not operate in a vacuum, but interact with a number of forces and factors that ultimately influence business performance and profitability. In other words a business is like "an open system" hence there is more need for strategic thinkers than ever before, people with long view of the business to steer these open systems in these turbulent economic times. To survive, business organizations must relate and interact with their environment otherwise those businesses that fail to adapt to their environment will like the dinosaurs of the past eventually become extinct.

Our Vision

Our mission is to be leading World Class supplier of and distributor of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Zimbabwe

Our Mission Statement

Through the determination effort of all our people, and with the close co-operation of key suppliers, we will deliver high quality products and exceptional level of service to all our valued customers thereby ensuring that acceptable profits are generated for our shareholders as we confront and overcome the challenges of the future. Glenwood Motor Center is one of Zimbabwe's leading automotive organizations. It provides products and services across most automotive market segments, including new vehicles, service


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