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Daikin Thailand

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Mission Statement.

Becoming the No.1 of commercial supplier and maintain its stance as one the best of air-conditioning company and allocate great concern in providing a pleasant working space for its employees & also for the citizens of the world by paving the path for a environmental friendly future that will be sustainable

What Daikin done?

- Producing the air condition in hot country and selling to customer by direct or trading

- Concern with condition of the world in present and find the solution till conservation since present to future

- Analysis about the problem of environment to improve their products that good adaption with target group

- Keep moving with good organization to be a top of the world(top market segmentation )

- Sale the air-con to public includes with many entrepreneur no matter what Manufacturing, office, Institutional etc,


Our group has mainly stuck with secondary research as it was mostly convenient for us to gather information of the internet, especially via Daikin's website.

However secondary data was not sufficient & not as credible as the primary data's & thus we have embarked upon telephone interviews with some of Daikin's employee (2 altogether, one of which is in the PR department & one in the production department).

We did the telephone interview as we really wanted to get intact with the people who are actually related to the organization on a really close scale as their accounts will be first hand & thus they will be able to share some of their experiences & provide in-depth ongoing within the organization.

It gave us the chance to judge their toning & deter from that their real feeling towards the organization.

e selected the method above as it was rather convenient for us as it would be very time consuming & also a lot of expenses involved in actually go there to see them in person to interview them personally or even set up a focus group where we can also have their work peer participate. We due to time clashes, everyone has their own responsibility to carry out it was not viable.

We had a unscheduled structure of questions, but however are able to get information as to what the company consider really important to them & their true weaknesses internally which were exploited by their own employee via this interview & also got a couple strong point about the company. The information we got was quite worthwhile to know as we would have not been able to assemble such findings & facts ourselves via the internet.

The information we gathered was rather very


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