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Coles and Woolworth - Biggest Supermarket Chain in Australia

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Coles and Woolworth are known to be the biggest supermarket chain in Australia. As an Australian supermarket, Woolworth and Coles has come up with strategies to uphold in their highest position, such as the development, and as well as to keep their recognition as a popular brand. Small businesses such as Aldi, BI-LO and IGA have a disadvantage over these two stores, since they don't stands out as much and not as popular. Although, Aldi is high competitor, it almost caught up with Woolworth in terms of product and pricing. Woolworth and Coles however, because they both on top of the market, they have a good marketing strategy in order for the business to succeed. From commercial to catchy tunes to hire famous chef to attract customers, because of this strategy it works well to attract attention from customers.

The chosen case scenario for this report is Case 1: Australian supermarkets: Who will win and when?’ The reason for choosing this case is because supermarket as mentioned, Coles and Woolworths are the two major supermarket and quite popular as they’re fighting to be the best supermarket. Although these two businesses are successful in what they do, this case study report will mainly focus on Woolworth, and to identify the issue such as the competition, the struggles and the problem that has arise. The rivalry between stores facilities on valuing, locality, and dissimilarities in the store arrangement and market, stock size, the atmospheres of the surroundings, and pictures of customers shopping happily and with the small businesses. The marketing strategy, and other aspect of the business, Woolworth must indicate how they will solve these issues and improve on their business and strategy in order to be the top supermarket. Woolworth has many competitors as mentioned before, but because of the competitors, Woolworth has the motivation to improve on what they lacks and to be the best.

The report will recommend solutions,


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