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Case Memo of Zara

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To: Anthony Chan

From: Elaine Tang

Date:  May 25, 2016

Subject: IT at Cirque Du Soleil

Based on “Information Technology at Cirque du Soleil: Looking Back, Moving Forward”, here is the analysis of how the touring show life cycle is supported by IT and the tension level between business needs and IT capacity.

Cirque Du Soleil make good use of information technology to support the complete process involved in designing, producing, staffing and diffusion, which enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency of the touring life cycle. Most of the applications were developed in-house because the unique business activities of Cirque.

Cirque Memory recorded valuable information about all aspects of creation process. Cirque’s Intranet allows employees to share their discoveries of the new artistic horizon through Open Eye application, which enables Cirque to stay ahead of the latest artistic trends.

After the advent of IT, design activities are more effective and convenient. A costume application could customized a costume pattern for each artists and stored it in database, also a make-up application allowed artists to easily view the each step if make-up process and a visual memory of a particular make-up with a full list of the products used.

IT was used to record the auditions for every role and the personal details of the artists, for instance, the Kin-Cirque application was used at training center to monitor each artist’s optimal muscular development.

Cirque’s website had a great impact on enhancing customers’ experience. Customers can find all relevant information on a show, and purchase show tickets, select seats and examine three-dimensional environments.

Cirque standardized all serves and workstation and redesigned the IT road cases, switching to compact rack-mounted servers with standardized cable connections. Now administrative personnel just need to connect two cables then can instantly begin using the computers and phones.


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